Gearing up for Tech Week! Here are a few important things to remember:
TONIGHT: at 10:30, Miranda, Ashlee, and I will be on AM 1270 to discuss the show!
TOMORROW: load-in at the Grand. DO NOT COME UNLESS YOU ARE ON TECH AND/OR BOB HAS CONTACTED YOU. We will need people to help, but not everyone. He has people in mind, so just wait to hear from him.

MONDAY: Mandatory tech rehearsal from 6-9pm. As I said, I need you to plan to be there the whole time. I promise I will get you out of there as soon as humanly possible. If you have a situation that requires leaving early (such as those of you who are younger), please have a parent contact me via Facebook or email and we’ll work it out!

TUESDAY: Mandatory tech rehearsal from 6-9pm. FULL COSTUME. Hair and make-up are not required, but you may do yours before you come if you like. Again, plan to stay the whole time!

WEDNESDAY: Mandatory tech rehearsal from 6-9pm. FULL DRESS REHEARSAL. Some time will be given to get into hair and make-up, but try to come as prepared as possible so that we can get started. Again, plan to stay the whole time!

THURSDAY: Mandatory tech rehearsal from 6-9pm. FULL COSTUME. We try to let hair and faces relax prior to the opening show, so hair and make-up are not required. Again, plan to stay the whole time!

FRIDAY: Call time is 5pm, so plan to be at the theatre as close to time as possible! We’ll get ready and warm-up together. Doors open at 6:30, show starts at 7pm! Be sure to tell your parents that you’ll be allowed to take pictures in costume after the show.

SATURDAY: Call time is 2pm. Doors open at 3:30pm, show starts at 4pm. Again, pictures will be allowed after the show! Meanwhile, we’ll be loading out the set. The cast party will be Saturday night at the Lookenott’s house. More info will come as the week goes along.

IN SUMMARY: Every night of tech week is mandatory. You’ve known this from the start, so there aren’t any excuses! If you aren’t present, we’ll phase you out of scenes if we need to do so. Obviously, let me or Liz know if there are any emergencies that come up as soon as possible.

Similarly, any of those scenes that we added that don’t look polished might be cut, so please be practicing and finalizing them over the weekend so that you’re ready. This includes the bird scenes at the beginning and end, the Indian dance, and any combat. Think about what you need to be doing and how you can do it as effectively as possible.

Please be sure to have any costume pieces that you are required to bring on Monday. I want to go through the costumes and make sure that we aren’t missing anything early enough in the week to find those items.

SELL YOUR TICKETS! As of Thursday, we’d sold less than 25 tickets for each show, and that’s pitiful!

This will be a very long week and I’ll be up to my eyeballs in everything in terms of both you guys and the tech people. Prepare yourselves to be in good spirits and not to take anything personally! I love each and every one of you and I’m so proud of everything we’ve accomplished so far! ❤ See you soon! HOME STRETCH!


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