Cast List for Peter Pan.


Find a vast majority of our script here.

Congratulations! You lot really didn’t make it very easy on us, but we’re really excited about the cast for this show! Please remember our discussion about appropriate social media posts. Please also remember that if you choose not to accept your part, you should let us know privately before Monday.

Our first rehearsal will be Monday from 6-8 at the same place as auditions! Please bring your $25 participation fee to purchase your script and place an order for your t-shirt. If this is a financial burden that you cannot make at the moment, please talk to us!

On Monday, we’ll discuss our participation contract, combat waivers, and do a read-through of the script. If you cannot make it to this rehearsal, please let me know ASAP!

To contact Kristy: 678-361-2724 (text messages welcome, but please identify yourself!)

We look forward to working with you!

– Kristy & Liz

Peter Pan

Cast List

Darling Household

Mr. Darling – Derrick Chapman (also an Indian)

Mrs. Darling – Audrey Carr (also a mermaid, Indian)

Wendy Darling – Carol Anne Williams

John Darling – Tyler Ledbetter

Michael Darling – True Lookenott

Jane – MaryBeth Mentzer (also an Indian)

Liza – Molly Layne (also an Indian)

Nana – Andrew Bearden (also an Indian)



Narrators (listed Ensemble in the script, portrayed as Stars) – Lauren Alexandersen, Ashlee Bagnell, Jorie Lookenott, and Sydney Roberts

Neverland Bird – Ansley Fain (also mermaid, also Indian)

Crocodile – undecided

Tinkerbell – undecided, will be member of tech crew


Lost Boys

Peter Pan – Miranda Norrod

Slightly – Kevin Barnhart

Tootles – Alex Gilbert

Twins – (1) Samantha Sims and (2) Sarah Wiedetz

Nibs – Elena Bern

Curly – Tyler Rawlins



Tiger Lily – Katie Beth Mullinax (also mermaid)

Indian Chief – Derrick Chapman

Molly Layne

MaryBeth Mentzer

Ansley Fain

Rylee Frenier

Audrey Carr

Andrew Bearden



Captain Hook – Moritz Arnold

Smee – Zach Lawrence

Starkey – Joshua Williams

Mullins – Alec Hamm

Cookson – Jenna Lookenott

Noodler – Ashton Cole

Cecco – Allison Barnes

Jukes – Justine Lookenott

Kendall Craton

Jacob Gayton

Catherine Agan

Kassidy Fulmer



Audrey Carr

Ansley Fain

Katie Beth Mullinax


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